Sebastiaan Beek —
Senior Product Designer at Mendix (Low-code Platform), designing cutting-edge developer experiences empowered by AI

With more than a decade of experience, I craft digital user experiences that enable users to reach their goals in a satisfying way. With carefully selected tools and skills, I express my visions ranging from product design to the creation of user experiences up to frontend (design) and deployment.

My distinctive strategic thinking helps me with pinpointing the holistic scope of a product while evolving it by adding new business ideas, innovations and values. While always meeting user needs as well as business objectives. Besides building user flows, user interfaces and wireframes, tailor-made interactive prototypes are constantly putting concepts and ideas to the test and emphasise the user-centered approach in my work.

Working with the latest techniques in product (UX) design and with my agile workflow I make sure to finish deliverables on time whilst keeping track of objectives and KPIs. With my knowledge in both design and technology I excel in a collaborative environment, working closely together with both creatives and developers at the same time.



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