Why is sustainability important to you?

Protection of the environment

Mankind should be considerate of the environment, being wasteful is not a thing to be proud of.


To have pride in working for a company that doesn’t have a negative impact on society.

For my family

For the benefit of future generations.

Values of SHV

Embedding sustainability in the business inspires a values-based approach.

Social responsibility

We are morally obliged to behave responsibly.

What are you going to do when back in the office?

Lead and communicate

Lead by example, talk to our people, listen to them. Make sure ideas and information is shared.

Create structure

Create a steering committee or task force, put sustainability on the management team agenda, including sustainability in reporting.

Set targets

Make sustainability tangible. Set targets and use KPI’s to monitor progress.

Raise awareness

Make sure all our employees know what we are doing, why sustainability is important, and the opportunities we can create for our business.

Explore and innovate

Investigate the possibilities embedding sustainability in the business creates. Dare to be innovative in all aspects of the business.

Execute ideas

Use the knowledge and ideas shared during the Lauswolt meeting to make a difference in the business. Don’t re-invent the wheel, adopt and adapt ideas that work.